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How to Queue Up Samples to Run Automatically

Posted by Josh Lovell

Aug 30, 2022 8:27:24 AM

One of the most popular features of the ACCQPrep, when connected to an autosampler, is the ability to create a queue of samples to be run automatically—great for walk up environments and for labs running many different samples on a regular basis, often unattended overnight. When connected to our AS 2x2 or AS 4x4 AutoSampler, an additional user interface option becomes available on the ACCQPrep. This Sample Queue option appears at the bottom of the main screen and lets users toggle between the Sample Queue interface and the traditional PeakTrak interface.

Automation Queue (1)

The Sample Queue capability is built on the need for higher productivity via workflow automation:

  1. One-touch selection of installed columns and their defined methods.
  2. Input RT of target compounds as obtained from calibrated analytical systems.
  3. Add one or more samples to be run automatically in sequence.
  4. Open the Method Editor to modify the advanced settings for a specific sample.
  5. One-touch access to MS detection ions or UV threshold (if enabled via Instrument Configuration).
  6. Select a unique rack position for each sample: choose a specific rack or NEXT TUBE or NEXT RACK.
  7. One touch sample-injection options: total volume, number of injections, and sample position.
  8. Import sample lists into the queue (PeakTrak version 4.2.68 or later). Simply export the COLUMN/METHOD list via USB, create your sample queue parameters on a PC using Excel, and import back into ACCQPrep. For full details on sample list import, see Technical Note 53. [1]

Sample Queue makes open access easier and more efficient. With an ACCQPrep system already in use by one analyst, the walk-up access lets other users set up samples to have them purified automatically once any other programmed runs are complete. 

Another great thing about the AutoSampler module connected to PeakTrak is that valve and sample probe wash steps are automatically built in to eliminate cross-contamination between users.

In our ongoing development of the ACCQPrep system and its programming capabilities, we are constantly listening to our customers. Please feel free to share any comments, questions, and product development or workflow automation requests through the Submit Feedback form below.

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